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oth China carpet and Persian carpet had long history and enjoyed high reputation. With assimilation of the essence from Persian carpet industry and constantly innovation the intelligent Chinese craftsmen used pure silk material to weave higher densely knotted Persian style silk carpets and silk tapestries. Moreover, Chinese craftsmen used the traditional designs and auspicious symbols to weave carpets. They sheared the carpets so these kind carpets looked like carved and the patterns were lifelike. Owing to soft texture and luxuriant colors of the silk, this material is further beyond other materials for weaving carpets. China silk carpets, especially the high densely knotted silk tapestries which took several years' work to make, were very welcomed by collectors and they were called Soft Gold. The high quality China silk carpets are no longer the common carpets but the crystallization of the wisdom, imagination and stamina of Chinese craftsmen. They embody traditional Chinese culture and history.

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