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Chronology of Chinese Dynasties and Periods


Paleolithic Period              
旧石器时代                c.1700000-15000years ago
Neolithic  period               新石器时代                c.14000year ago -21st c. BC
Xia                                                     c.21st c.-16th c.BC
Shang                                                   c.16st c.-11th c.BC
Zhou                                                    c.11th c.-256BC
Western Zhou                      西周                    c.11th c.-771BC
Eastern Zhou                      东周                    770-256BC
Spring Autumn period              春秋                    770-476bc
Warring States period             战国                    475-221bc
Qin                                                     221-206BC
Han                                                     206-AD220
Western Han                       西汉                    206BC-AD220


Eastern Han                       
东汉                    25-220
Western Jin                       西晋                    265-316
Eastern Jin Six Kingdoms        东晋十六国                317-420
Southern &Northern Dynasties      南北朝                  420-581
Northern Dynasties                北朝                    386-581
Southern &Northern Dynasties      南朝                    420-589
Sui                                                     581-618
Tang                                                    618-907
Five Dynasties                    五代                    907-960
Liao                                                    916-1125
Song                                                    960-1279
Northern Song                     北宋                    960-1127
Southern Song                     南宋                    1127-1279
Jin                                                     1115-1234
Yuan                                                    1271-137-68
Ming                                                    1368-1644
Qing                                                    1644-1911




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