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       Our company mainly produces the pure natural silk by and other beds on the silk fabrics. Factory, market integration management. The product type is complete, quality excellent, the price is materially beneficial, the packing is simple, the silk clothing has the unique human body health care effect, the depth European, Southeast Asia visitor's praise and the affection. At present, because the international finance economic crisis's influence, I is taken charge of decided that starts from 2009 to start in view of the domestic market marketing, the sincere welcome people from all walks of life come your help, may also glance over me to take charge of the website to carry on the consultation and the purchase, I takes charge to the outside areas buyer provides the mail order service.


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Company name: Shanghai Ji Mei Silk Carpet Factory   ADD: Caobao Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, No. 440
TEL: +86 21 64941507  FAX: +86 21 64510258   P.C:200233