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The purchase and the use pure silk rug regarding a family is one kind of not any risk fixed investment. Along with the time development, has the national characteristics high magical skill pure silk rug to take one kind of more and more scarce manual artware, it has the appreciation and the collection value had decided without doubt it has the infinite revaluation potential.

Appreciation value
The manual rug uses each traditional the design, like flower, bird, luck, long-lived, dragon and so on, has displayed various countries' various nationalities' style and the exquisite technology. Our country's pure pure silk manual rug the minute includes from the design: The Persian type, Beijing type, the fine arts type, colored -like, the element old style and so on many kinds of styles, the full of meat, its blanket surface's flowers and plants, the scenery just like the relief, the blanket surface are luminous, the luster is bright, both congealed the Chinese ancient culture essence, and swallows anything and everything uncritically to the modern civilization and the natural form, has the very high appreciation value.

Use value
The pure silk rug uses the natural mulberry silk to make raw material, manual knitting. The natural mulberry silk belongs to the crude protein textile fiber, has the good heat preservation, the moisture absorption, the radiation and the ventilation performance, and has the good ultraviolet ray absorptive quality, has the health care function to the human body, has the very high use value. The pure silk rug has this unique value is also other type rug is unequalled.

Collection value
The manual pure silk is weaves in the rug top gear's variety. The magical skill 300 above pure silk rug quality of material is frivolous, the comfortable feel, each square foot has 90,000 above manual knots, its manufacture is a time-consuming hard sledding work, around must after the processing, the charting, the knitting, even, the piece, wash, throw, repairs and so on dozens of working procedure manufactures to become, therefore enjoys “the soft gold” praising, posts a bond the value, the increment effect of extremely. At the same time, behind the pure silk rug contains the cultural connotation and art savor, also favors for the numerous collectors.

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