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How to take care of silk carpet?
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      How to take care of silk carpet?
Silk carpet is a kind of luxury decoration. When use it, you should attach great attention so as to prolong its life.
Placing the silk carpet 铺毯
When place the silk carpet, put a good quality underlay below it. This will not only give better resilience underfoot, but also prolong the life of silk carpet. The carpet mat can absorb the moisture of the floor and prevent the carpet slipping.
Cleaning and stain removal清洗及去污
Generally speaking, every 2 years you should look for a professional carpet cleaning company to clean the silk carpets one time. In daily life you can vacuum the carpet to remove dirt but not vacuum the fringes. If beer, wine or oil stains the silk carpets but not seriously you can use a towel to dilute the spill quickly then use lukewarm water with a mild detergent and a dash of vinegar to dab stain with soft cloth.
Preservation 保存
When you don't use the carpet you should roll it against the direction of the nap and sore it at a dry place in case of being damped. You should not put the carpet in a plastic bag.
Shifting directions 调换方向
Depends on the traffic every 6 months or one-year please shift the direction of the carpet so as the piles can keep in good condition.


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